The AquaSprouts GiveBack Program: Sowing Seeds of Opportunity

At AquaSprouts, we believe the revolutionary principles of aquaponics should be accessible to everyone. Our easy-to-use kits make the science of sustainable food production fun for learners of all ages. Understanding that access can be a barrier, we created our GiveBack program. We're committed to empowering youth by providing them with the tools to discover the joy of growing, the importance of environmental responsibility, and a sense of connection to their food sources.

Here's How We Make a Difference:

  • The Power of 10: For every ten AquaSprouts Garden kits sold, we donate one to youth-focused initiatives, such as FFA chapters and K-12 classrooms across the United States.
  • Community Collaboration: We offer highly discounted prices, often at cost, through partnerships with numerous organizations and nonprofits across the United States and Canada. This ensures our systems reach those who can benefit most. If you're aware of an organization that aligns with our mission and could benefit from our GiveBack program, please reach out to us at with their details. We're continually looking to expand our impact and help more communities.
  • Extending the Cycle of Good: We repurpose damaged or returned kits that are in good condition, giving them a second life in educational settings while minimizing waste.

Experience the magic of aquaponics for yourself, and help us nurture a generation of environmentally conscious young leaders. Your purchase makes a real difference!