AquaSprouts LED Grow Light

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Add an AquaSprouts® LED Grow light and grow anywhere, year-round! Brushed black aluminum heatsink housing complements any home's décor. High performance LED strip provides strong daylight-white illumination to highlight the beauty of your plants while it powers their growth.

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Make your indoor space... your GROW space with AquaSprouts

The AquaSprouts LED Grow Light Bar powers your plants’ growth and adds versatility to your terrarium or aquarium. Includes mounting hardware and chains and can be used on mesh top terrariums or suspended above aquariums.

Houseplants may grow in a sunny room; but hungry, fast-growing vegetables and culinary herbs need more energy for strong growth. Turn any dark corner of your home into a productive garden. Included mounting hardware and adjustable chains allow you to attach your AquaSprouts LED Grow Light anywhere.

Connect multiple lights with our LED Link Connectors and expand as your grow. Connect up to 8 fixtures to one power outlet. Customize any old cabinet into YOUR grow cabinet. Grow herbs, greens and vegetables -- the options are endless.

Enrich your bioactive terrarium, vivarium or paludarium with strong artificial sunlight creating a realistic natural environment. The AquaSprouts LED Grow Bar mimics a variety of biomes and keeps your reptile friends happy and healthy. Highlight their natural beauty while promoting lush plant growth.


18" 24" 36" 48"

Fixture Size:

18" x 2.6" x 2" 24" x 2.6" x 2" 36" x 2.6" x 2" 48" x 2.6" x 2"

Power Consumption:

18W 24W 36W 48W



Input Voltage:

85V-265V 85V-265V 85V-265V 85V-265V

Light Output:

1,980 lumens 2,640 lumens 3,960 Lumens 5,280 Lumens

Color Temp:

6400K 6400K 6400K 6400K

Wavelength Spectrum:

380-780mm 380-780mm 380-780mm 380-780mm

Lumens per Watt:

110 110 110 110

1ft Chain & S-Hook:

2 2 4 4

S-Hook Mounting Clamp:

2 2 4 4