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Aqua Grow Plugs

Aqua Grow Plugs

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High quality peat mixed with a natural foam binder & organic amendments create the perfect support for seed germination and cuttings.

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  • Special formula grow plugs anchor and nourish seedlings & small cuttings. Active biologicals and micronutrients create a perfect environment for young plants, to boost germination and root growth. Essential for starting small seeds in the AquaSprouts clay pebble medium or other pebble media, and great for transplanting. Depth: 1 3/4"

  • Highlights:

    • Consistent moisture control
    • Infused micronutrients and biologicals
    • Porous to maintain aeration
    • Easy transplanting & handling
    • Compatible with most hydroponic & aquaponic grow systems

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Ron D.
Growing strong

Perfect for sowing small seeds and adds the flexibility of easily moving plants around. No complaints!


While they're not made for the Aerogarden they work just fine and are cheaper. The grow plugs are just a little shorter. I reuse the plastic holder from the aero pod kits.

Carrie C.

For the price you can't beat them! Fast shipping as well


I use to grow with rock wool and it stays in landfills forever!!! AquaSprouts is much cheaper, organic and biodegradable. They are a bit shorter than the AeroGarden plugs, but work exactly the same in the AeroGarden baskets!