Chives Seeds

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Small onion-like herb grows in grassy tufts and has a mild oniony flavor. Approx 650-750 seeds/packet.



Chives grow in grass-like bunches but have round, hollow leaves. They resemble miniature green onions in appearance, flavor, and texture, with a mild savory bite. A traditional garnish on potato dishes, they’re also great in salads and surprisingly rich in vitamins and minerals! If left to seed, they produce striking tufts of small pinkish-purple flowers. Chives are perennial and with consistent harvesting can grow for many seasons.

Plant Information:

  • Germination: 8-14 days
  • Harvesting: 60-75 days to harvest. Best cut and used fresh; may be frozen for use in cooking.
  • 12 in. spacing, 12-24 in. height
  • Light requirements: medium-high
  • Nitrogen requirements: medium