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Gravel Filter Kit

Gravel Filter Kit

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Undergravel filters use the gravel itself as a filter medium, drawing water down through the gravel bed and collecting wastes and debris in an open space underneath. Powered by an air pump, they’re a great way to add extra biofiltration and aeration to your Garden, Fountain or any aquarium.

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  • We recommend supplemental aeration or mechanical filtration for tanks with more than 4-5 small fish. If you don’t use an undergravel filter, it’s a good idea to periodically agitate the aquarium gravel or use a “gravel vacuum” siphon to remove trapped wastes. Check out this blog article for more information.

  • Product Highlights:

    - 16 Grid panels (5.5" L x 2.8" W ea.)
    - Air lift pipe & spout
    - Air stone
    - Clear airline tubing
    - Airline check valve
    - Air pump