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Ebb & Flow Plumbing Kit

Ebb & Flow Plumbing Kit

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Ebb and flow plumbing fittings are essential for any DIY flood and drain system. Use the 1/2 inch fitting to flood and the 3/4 inch to drain.

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  • Eager to make your own custom DIY aquaponic or hydroponic system? Ebb & Flow Plumbing Fitting Kit easily converts any container into a productive garden. Essential for DIY projects eliminating the risk of leaks. Also ideal for aeroponic and drip applications. Use as ebb and flow fittings and bulkhead fittings.

  • Included Parts:

    • 1 x 1/2" Tub outlet fitting
    • 1 x 3/4" Tub outlet fitting
    • 2 x Screen fittings
    • 6 x Outlet extension fittings
    • Quick start instruction guide

Customer Reviews

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Thank you!

Perfect for my DIY garden. I'm connecting a bog grow bed to my pond and these parts did the job.

time to grow!

Why did the farmer build an ebb and flow garden? To have "ebb-solute" control over his water XD