Hot Pepper Seeds - Serrano Chile

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A classic chile that's flavorful and fiery hot without being overwhelming, the prolific Serrano is beloved in Tex-Mex cuisine. Approx. 80 seeds/packet.



Serrano chiles resemble small jalapenos, tapered glossy green peppers reaching 2-3” and ripening to bright red. They pack a bit more heat than common hybrid jalapenos, but remain approachable, and their crisp, bright flavor makes them irresistible to any fan of spicy foods. Use them green in salsas or anywhere you’d use a jalapeno, or let them ripen for a sweet heat that’s great roasted or cooked into sauces. Dense plants can reach 36” tall and benefit greatly from pruning and removal of early flowers. When healthy, they will produce prolifically and continuously.

Plant Information:

  • Germination: 10-21 days
  • Harvesting: 75-85 days to maturity
  • Spacing: 12-14” spacing; 24-36” height
  • Light requirements: very high
  • Nitrogen requirements: high during growth, medium when fruiting
  • Skill level: medium to advanced