Rainbow Swiss Chard

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Swiss chard has large, succulent dark green leaves and an earthy spinach-like flavor. Rainbow chard grows with a variety of vibrantly colored stems. Approx. 100 seeds/packet.



An all-star aquaponic performer, Rainbow Swiss chard thrives in soilless growing and makes a great combination ornamental and edible plant. Brightly-colored stalks and lustrous leaves are striking in healthy plants, and its flavor remains mild all the way from sprouts to full size. A gentle bitterness and earthy spinach-like flavor pair well with most savory foods. Large seeds are easy to plant and fun for kids.

Plant Information:

  • Germination: 5-10 days
  • Harvesting: 40-60 days to harvest. Remove leaves at stem from bottom upward. Harvest consistently for long-term health.
  • 8 in. spacing, 18-24 in. height
  • Light requirements: medium
  • Nitrogen requirements: medium