Arugula (Rocket) Seeds

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Tasty greens with a spicy twist. Great in salads. Approx. 1,500 seeds/packet.



Arugula, aka Rocket or Roquette, is a spicy-sweet salad green with a peppery, mustardy bite. Commonly used in salad blends, it’s an excellent addition to sandwiches, and can even be roasted in a vegetable blend or on pizza! Sow repeatedly and harvest while tender for a long-lasting supply of greens.

Plant Information:

  • Germination: 3-8 days
  • Harvesting: 45 days to harvest. Cut while tender, discarding large or yellowed leaves. Cut-and-come-again plants can be repeatedly harvested.
  • 3” spacing, thin to 6”; 12-16” height
  • Light requirements: medium-high
  • Nitrogen requirements: medium to medium-high