Thai Basil Seeds

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Thai basil plants are not only grown for their culinary uses but also as a way to bring fragrance and beauty to any garden. Approx. 1,000 seeds/packet.



Distinctive in appearance and scent, Thai basil has rich purple buds and stems and a darker, spicier scent than sweet basil with notes of anise and clove. Like other basils, it propagates easily and loves warmth and sun. Adds color and bright spicy notes to any dish. Use as you would any basil, especially with soups, curries, and salads..

Plant Information:

  • Germination: 8-14 days
  • Harvesting: 60-75 days to harvest. Cut stem before flowers emerge. Use fresh or hang to air-dry.
  • 12-14 in. spacing, 18 in. height
  • Light requirements: medium-high
  • Nitrogen requirements: medium