Maybe it’s a biased opinion, but guppies just happen to be some of the cutest fish on the planet. They also happen to be an incredibly hardy fish that does well in AquaSprouts Gardens. However, they’re a bit more complex than meets the eye. So, if you’re considering guppies for your tank, it makes sense to learn a bit about them first. Guppies are great for your aquarium because they’re very active and full of personality, making for a fun tank. The males boast intricate color patterns unique to each individual fish. The range of colors and patterns are seemingly endless. The females aren’t quite so flashy, but that doesn’t make them any less interesting. Female guppies actually give birth to live young and before they do, they swell up with adorable little potbellies.  

There are different theories on what a healthy number of guppies are for your tank, but a good rule of thumb is the 1:1 ratio or, one gallon per guppy. That means for your 10-gallon AquaSprouts tank, about ten guppies should do fairly well. However, their rate of breeding can make it difficult to maintain a healthy population.

If your tank has male and female guppies, you should expect to see some babies fairly soon. In fact, even if you got a female from the pet store, chances are she could already be pregnant.

If you’d like to try breeding, it might be best to start out with just one male and female and see how things go. You should also give the babies plants to hide in towards the top of the tank so they can hide from their mom and dad and any other fish that might be around, as they consider these little guys to be as delicious as caviar (it sounds gross but it’s true.)

Another option is just to stick with a tank of males, though you’ll want to limit the population even more in that case as an all-male tank can tend to get overly aggressive.

We can’t wait to see how your guppy tank shapes up! Want to learn more about fish for your aquaponic garden? Swim on over to this article

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