If you’re anything like us, you’re starting 2020 thinking about the healthier new you. So we wanted start you off with some healthy herbs to get you growing in the new year that work well in aquaponic gardens.

Not only is growing your own herbs fun, but using herbs right when they’re picked is better as well. Waiting even 30 minutes, or a trip home from the grocery store, sacrifices some of their nutritional value.

Basil and parsley are two of the heartiest herbs you can grow, but don’t let their easy-growing nature fool you. Both of them have some amazing health benefits. Trusty ole basil is a great source of fiber and good for your liver (which is especially helpful after those holiday hangovers). It can even help clear blemishes from your skin, helping you not only feel great but look great too. And parsley is much more than a garnish – it’s packed with Vitamins A, C and the lesser-known but extremely important Vitamin K.

Thyme is another herb to consider for the healthy new you. Not only is it nearly calorie-free, but it’s also a great remedy for respiratory issues – which we all know tend to pop up in the colder winter months.

Good for winter and good for you, rosemary is an herb that works great in Aquasprouts gardens and also helps fight cancer cells. Plus, the smell of rosemary is not only delightful in your home, but it’s also been shown to help improve memory. Please note that when considering rosemary for your Aquasprouts garden, we’ve found it best to look for dwarf varieties so that your plant has plenty of room to thrive.

Delectable sage also makes our list. Though a little more of a challenge to grow, if you’re willing to put in the time and effort, you’ll find that sage has wonderful anti-aging properties to keep you youthful through the year. It also has natural anti-anxiety properties, so you can also start the year stress-free.

Of course, these aren’t the only healthy aquaponics herbs you can grow. There’s always oregano, mint, chives and many others.

You can decide what fits your health needs best. Happy growing in 2020!
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