Being ordered to stay inside your home can make it feel like the walls around you are caving in —especially if you live alone. You start to miss the simple things, like grass and trees, and you can't remember the last time you saw another living, breathing being (unless you're lucky enough to have a pet). We get it. What you need is some sort of indoor garden setup. And lucky for you, the AquaSprouts Fountain is on sale.

We know it sounds weird, but hear us out. An AquaSprouts Fountain is a device that combines a two-gallon planter and a six-gallon aquarium fountain, allowing plants and fish to work in harmony. It's like having your own little ecosystem to look after, with Mother Nature as your guide.

You can keep any small freshwater fish in your fountain and the Aquaponics system recycles the fish waste to provide nutrients for the plants in the grow bed atop it. This leaves the water clean and clear without the need for extra filters and then recycles it back into the aquarium.

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