An AquaSprouts Garden — a self-sustaining aquarium and aquaponics kit, so you can grow herbs and keep your fishs' tank clear and clean at the same time. Skip the TV and stare at this all day — watch a natural environment in action.

Reviewer's fish tank with real plants inside water and herbs growing on top

Promising review: "This works great. I have eight neon tetra happily living in the tank and I've got plentiful basil and some wheatgrass growing in the garden. Expect to spend a little time setting up your system. If, like me, you want to put live plants in the aquarium, it's best to purchase an LED light that is submersible as one with a hood does not work. Once you've got the system set up and the tank cycled, it works great." —MA Marshall

Get it from Amazon for $152.96. Read the complete article from BuzzFeed here.

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